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That's MY Shiny Thing! No! Its MINE! Mum! He's Taking My Shiny Thing!

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The cub on the right is staring at me....Grrrr!


I could just imagine it....the three triplets squabbling over whose toy it was! To make them happy, they were each given an identical red shiny ball.


It was great fun watching them work out how to grab hold of it with the teeth.

They are very clever, intelligent and inquisitive cats!


The Sumatran tiger triplets are ONE years old today (Sunday Oct 28 2007).

It was a hot, humid day, and a cool off in the water was the thing to do.

They had streamers, and they each received a shiny red ball to play with - and Zoo staff celebrated by a little party. Lots of little Zoo visitors became tiger cubs for the day, courtesy of face painting!


Happy Birthday to you...


Melbourne Zoo, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

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Taken on October 28, 2007